For Sale: 86 Angus, Angus Cross Bred Heifers

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Dallas Vaughn
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Stratton, CO 80836
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86 head of Fancy Black Angus/AngX, high altitude, one iron, bred heifers weighing 950-1000#. 75hd are AI bred to Sub Zero(CED +20, BW -3.5, WW 55, YW 100) and the balance are bull bred to Double Vision Sons from Profit Maker Bulls. Heifers originated out of Greybull, WY summer at 8-10k ft elv. These heifers were gate cute from the ranch’s replacement selection so they are all TOP cut, which is the only females we allow into our program. All have been ultra sounded and tagged by calving date by Dr. Collin Durham, Colorado Veterinary Clinic LaJunta, CO. Will begin calving Feb 15th for 45 days. Full development and vaccination program with OCV. Will have first scour guard shot in November and be poured. These are stout heifers that are going to mature in the 1300# range. These heifers will be good in either a terminal cross program or build your own replacements. Available to ship now. These heifers can sell with premium buyback offer on heifer calves next fall. Go to the bank with guaranteed revenue contract! Contact Dallas Vaughn for more details pictures & video 719-343-5440.