For Sale: 85 Santa Gertrudis Cross Bred Heifers

Listing #: 32115241
Cody Fry
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Armstrong, TX 78364
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We have a nice set of "peaches and cream" bred heifers for sale. The heifers are out of Santa Gertrudis or SG x Hereford cows and Charolais bulls. We will palpate them in late April. They have been bred to low birthweight Brangus bulls. They are predominately 18 months of age with a few 12 month old heifers. They will average about 800 lbs. and will start calving in August. These heifers are in perfect condition and have been on native grass. We will dehorn the heifers at palpation. These heifers are the best of both worlds (maternal and growth). They will work in any area due to their breed makeup. We are asking $2,300/head.