For Sale: 7 Angus Bulls

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Brookhill Angus
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Flemingsburg, KY 41041
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7 service ready, registered Angus bulls. 2 sired by McCumber Unmistakable 573, 1 sired by Crook Mt Black Cedar 3870. The other 4 are from Stone Gate Kingston, sale topper of the 2015 Stone Gate bull sale. All of the bulls are either HD50K or Angus Source tested, and are free of all known recessives. Hand fed since weaning on a top-notch nutritional program. These bulls are athletic in structure and are not butter balls. All bulls will be semen tested before leaving our ranch. Each bull is freeze branded for easy identification.

Every one of the 7 bulls are suitable for heifers, but will work equally well with cows. Each bull has a high performing dam with strong maternal traits. The dams range in size from 1750 pounds all the way up to 2040 pounds and can be viewed by appointment.