For Sale: 6 Gelbvieh Bulls

Listing #: 32122802
Matt Morrison
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Centerville, TN 37033
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We have several high quality bulls with Genomic Enhanced EPDs that are qualified under the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program (TAEP) for Balanced, Terminal and Calving Ease Bulls. The following Registered Purebred and Balancer Gelbvieh Bulls are for Sale.

MSR 34B - Mr. Mason Maverick's Polled Gizmo -- Red -- PB100
Born 12/20/2014

MSR 37C - Mr. Post Rock Granite -- Black -- PB100
Born 02/18/15
TAEP Qualified Balanced and Terminal Bull

MSR 39C - Mr. Mason's Maverick -- Black -- PB88
Born 02/23/15
TAEP Qualified Balanced Bull

MSR 40C -- Mr. Mason's Maverick -- Black -- PB94
Born 03/02/15

MSR 42C -- Mr. Governor's Maverick - Black -- PB94
Born 05/18/15
TAEP Qualified Balanced Bull

MSR 43C - Post Rock Granite Maverick -- Black -- PB94
Born 06/3/15
TAEP Qualified Balanced Bull

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