For Sale: 50 Angus Cross, Brangus, Brangus Cross Bred Heifers

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Danny Rojas
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Okeechobee , FL 34974
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These group of Home Grown Heifers are Brangus and 17 months old and Bred 90 DAYS AS OF October 2nd.
• The Group of 50 Heifers were selected from a very large group based on their reproductive qualities based and phenotype through palpation and ultrasound.

• After the heifers are selected, they go through our program of de-worming and vaccinations.

• After the previous process, we cycle and artificially inseminate the heifers with top of the line bulls we select based on the highest EPD's in low birth and calving ease.

• Angus bulls such as: Final Answer, Irish and Mccoy among others.

• Our heifers are certified pregnant at 60 and 90 days and will be ultra- sound with buyer present at time of pick up.
Our Sanitary program:
Dewormed with:

• Valbazen orally and Dectomax pour on.
• Our Cattle are on Improved Pastures.
• Cattle Master Gold FP5, Stay Bred VL5 and One shot ultra 8.