For Sale: 50 Angus Cows

Listing #: 32124776
melissa kels
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(240) 512-4387
Phoenix, AZ 85034
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Mixture of grade and non registered purebred commercial Angus cows. Cattle have been well managed with

regular, routine runs through the chute for vaccinations, etc. A single registered Trowbridge Bull is with

the cows for 42 days for Spring calving. Last preg check 100%. Cows that are found open are re exposed to the

bull for Fall Calving for 42 days, any cow found open is culled. Heifers are the product of breeding Heifers

from the Trowbridge Bull with sexed Semen. Cows and heifers are rotated on grass pastures in summer and fed

baleage in the winter. Heifers are fed 1.5# balanced grain while pregnant or developing. No grain is fed to

cows at any time. Would prefer to sell cows as one group. Intention is to sell Bred Heifers and breeding age

heifers as separate group. Cow price $1100 (50 cows). Bred/Breeding age Heifer price $1500(16 heifers) if interested.text us (240) 512-4387