For Sale: 5 Red Poll Bulls

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Barb Rodgers
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Davenport, WA 99122
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Real nice herd sire prospects starting at $1200 to $1500.00. Heritage breed - Rare but once popular as dual purpose breed.
Still get a few in the old genetics that one can train to milk & raise a calf. Selection for feed efficiency & beef traits for last 40 years makes them good in a cross bred program to add uniformity, feed efficiency & reduce size back to moderate frame. A time for Old Time Cattle that can forage & fit the ranchette market. more information about the breed or search for American Red Polled Cattle the association has lots of infomation. A breed with important traits. SVF (Swiss Village Foundation) got a few from us to save the genetics. 1 cow with bull calf; 1 cow with hiefer, and four herd sire prospects ready to go soon. Also 4 sale senior herd sire RR Rocky 73R - $2500.00 good epds, calving ease & excellent disposition. email for more pictures & information on weaning bull calves $1200-1500 with papers add $50 for registration at ARPA. text 5099243451