For Sale: 400 Angus, Charolais, LimFlex, Red Angus Cows

Listing #: 32127170
John Sutphin
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Lamar, CO 81052
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Selling Registered Angus, Red Angus, Lim Flex and Charolais Spring bred females. All females preg checked to calve spring of 2018. Selling by age group and offering a limited calf buy back for each group of $300/ hd above top steer price at weaning. Also, buyer will receive free herd bull power to breed females back each year! Call Grant Phares for info or questions! 316-259-1409
3-4 year olds - $3,200 (contract up to 8 years)
5-6 year olds - $3,000 (contract up to 6 years)
7-8 year olds - $2,600 (contract up to 4 years)
9-10 year olds-$2,200 (contract up to 2 years)