For Sale: 40 Angus Cross, Beefmaster Cross, Braford, Brangus Cross, Charolais Cross Cows

Listing #: 32115938
Cindy Meagher
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Citra, FL 32113
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40 Head of good cross bred cattle. 9 are confirmed bred, 31 have been bull exposed for the last 30-45 days to Angus/brangus bulls. They are all ear tagged (USDA) dewormed and are in good flesh. Average weight 1050, ages 3-6 yrs old. This herd is easy to handle, they all come to calling. Will sell herd for a $1800 average take all. Exposed cattle $1650 a head average. Bred cattle are $1850 a head average. Cattle are located at M&M Cattle Co. in Citra FL. Please call, text or email for more info and additional pics.