For Sale: 4 Angus, Black Angus Bulls

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JJ Quick
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Pritchett, CO 81064
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$2800 to $3500
4 yearling registered black angus Bulls. They are grand sired by Schaff Angus Valley Thunderbird 9061 (sire D 9061 Thunderbird A3350) 2 of them are Connealy Final Product on the dam side and 2 are SAV Brilliance. They are thick good boned, width, and depth. 3 of the 4 have heifer BWs. They have been i50k genetic tested and parentaged verified. They have been semen and trick tested. We gave them Titanium, Pasturella, and 7 way. They were raised on Buffalo grass pasture until Dec 19th...then we weaned them for a month on rumanaid calf creep. Then they were finished on grain and sorghum. They were made to throw good thick calves that should grow well. We started our herd with solid quality from some of the best in the Angus world like Schaff Angus, Connealy, Albrech and Penz, Herbster and others. Well have some more Bulls to look for coming up. Feel free to contact with any questions. Can text or email pics.
JJ Quick
Mustang Ranch Angus