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Gyrs (Girs)

The Gir is one of the principal Zebu or Bos indicus breeds in India and is used for both dairy and beef production. It has been used locally in the improvement of other breeds including the Red Sindhi and the Sahiwal. Girs were used to put the red colour and higher Zebu content into American Red Brahmans.

The Gir are very social cattle and spend a lot of time licking, touching and leaning on each other. The bulls tend to protect the herd and the whole herd protects the calves. The cows seem to rotate being nurse maids and a large number of the calves stay together with them, but as soon as there is a disturbance the whole herd will gallop back to protect them.

The Gir is a medium to medium-large animal, depending on whether they were developed in the Gir valley region or in the surrounding mountain area. The females average 849 pounds with a height of 52 inches and the males average 1202 pounds and a height of 54 inches. The average milk production for the Gir is 1590 kg per lactation, with a record production of 3182 kg at 4.5% fat.