For Sale: 30 Angus, Brahman Cow/Calf Pairs

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cindy meagher
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Citra, FL 32113
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25-30 Cow calf pairs, Angus and Brahma cattle. Cattle are 3-8 years old, averaging 1100 lbs. Cows are in good flesh, and calves are new to 2 months old. All by Reg. Angus bulls. Calves still hitting the ground. As of last count there was 25 pairs, but again calves still being born. 20 Angus pairs, and 5 brahma pairs as of today (1/10). You are buying out of the field, not market cattle. All recently worked and ready to move. Cattle are located just outside of Ocala FL. Can arrange hauling if needed. $1500 for Angus pairs, $2000 on Brahma pairs. NOT selling one or two at a time. Will sell all angus, or all brahmas, or buy the entire herd. Call for more pics and info. Call Mike at 352-789-0977 or Cindy 352-615-0977