For Sale: 3 Hereford Open Heifers

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Park River, ND 58270
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Miniature Hereford Heifers - Registered

We have three Registered Miniature Hereford Heifers for sale. We have one 21 month old Heifer named Abby-Dawn (has # 427 on ear tag in first pic) who's Registered for $1800. We also have two 8-9 month old Heifer Calves for sale that will be Registered at time of sale for $1400 each.

These miniature Hereford heifers are a lot of fun. The calves have even been trained to come outside of the fenced area for their grain and when they are done, they walk back into the fenced area.

All three are extremely friendly, tame and a lot of fun to spend time with. They are also easy to handle. Please feel free to email or call with any questions that you may have. More pictures are available.