For Sale: 3 Dexter Bred Heifers

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Gretel Kizer
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Perry, NY 14530
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Two Year Old Bull. Not registered but could be! $1000.
Registered Pregnant Cow! Four years old and proven good mother! $1200 Could be sold with the older bull for a discount.
Two Year Old Pregnant Heifer Cow. Unregistered but could be if you wanted. $1000.
Heifer Calf born last spring. Recently weaned. Unregistered, but could be. Asking $800. Showed as the only calf in the pictured above.
Don't have enough pasture room for them this year!
These hardy cattle are perfect for backyard farmers, as they produce 1-3 gallons of quality milk, eat less than the average cow, are milder tempered, have meat many say had better flavor than Angus, their meat marbles on grass, and they are just a lovely heritage breed of cattle.