For Sale: 3 Angus Bulls

Listing #: 32127152
Baili Kerth
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Sylvan Grove, KS 67481
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BK Patent Pending Six 04

Here is a bull who not only has depth of body, but muscle to go with it. Six has been halter broke and was shown at the Kansas Junior Angus Preview Show and was named Reserve Champion Cow/Calf Pair. We then took the pair to the National Show where they placed third in their class.

BK Wanted 601

If you’re looking for a bull with a little bit more muscle, this is your guy. Wanted is a little bit more on the shy side, but give him some time and he will quickly warm up to you. However, Wanted may be a carrier of NH, which should not affect his offspring, unless the cows are carriers as well. We have sent in the blood work and should hear back from the association in a couple weeks.
BK Resistance 609

Talk about a bull with an excellent temperament! When I have had to change pens with this bull, I just let him out and he follows me to the other pen. This bull is currently the smallest, but he is also the youngest. Resistance may also be a carrier of NH, and we have sent in his blood work as well. I will update the listing as soon as we hear back.