For Sale: 25000 Charolais Bulls

Listing #: 32128392
Ganando Ruigan
Phone Number: 
+0034 6700533
Menasalbas (Toledo), MD 45128
Number of Head: 
25 000

Good morning,

We are a export company based in Spain, with more than 25.000 live cattle exported to the Middle East and North Africa (Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria and Turkey).

These are our products which we are sending throughout the Mediterranean Ports:


-Breeds: Limousine and Charolais, of first quality, which are considered one of the most value breed in the world. (63-67 % meat yield)

-Weight: 550-650 kg +/- 10 %

- Age: 12-24 months.

-Origin: Spain.


-Breeds: Merino and Segureño of first quality.

-Weight: 40-45 kg +/- 10 %

- Age: 6-8 months.

-Origin: Spain.

This is our corporate video where you can see the high quality of our products:

تصدير الماشية إسبانيا - RUIGAN
تعتبر شركةمن أكبر الشركات المنتجة والمصدرة للماشية الحية بإسبانيا مدعومة بتجربة تفوق الخمسين سنة في هذا الميدان. قمنابتصدير أكثر من 25.000 رأس من مواشينا إلى...
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