For Sale: 22 Simmental Bulls

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Jeff Houck
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Americus, KS 66835
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For sale private treaty 22 falls yearling Simmental and Sim/Angus bulls. Range calved , fence line weaned with a complete health program. Bulls are developed in a large , rocky pasture on limited feed with longevity in mind. 20 of the 22 bulls were produced in our ET program or their dam or granddam where. 21 bulls are homozygous black, all 22 bulls are homozygous polled. Bulls are bred for high calving ease, moderate birth weights with optimum growth. Maternal and carcass genetics are always a priority. Bulls are available October 15th. Priced from 2500 to 5000 with volume discounts and delivery options available. Pedigrees, EPD's, complete performance and scan data on our website at Call Jeff at 620.344.0233 for more information.