For Sale: 20 Belted Galloway, Devon, Galloway, Lowline Cow/Calf Pairs

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Andrew Novak
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Pine City, MN 55063
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Moving -- Grass fed herd for sale
Selling the whole herd. The only reason selling is we are moving. Grassfed grass based herd for sale. No hormones, no antibiotics, no vaccinations, no grains ever. Developed herd for finishing on grass only over the last 4 years. No culls as all cows were the best cows in the herd when I bought . Look at the 18 mo old bulls that are so well muscled on grass only.

Some purebred Belted Galloway and Lowline Angus cows then Galloway, Devon, Belted Galloway, Ayrshire, Angus and Jersey crosses. Small to medium framed cattle. Most cows are between 700 to 950 lbs. 18 mo old hanging weights range from 450 to 700 lbs. These cows give you a premium beef with grass finishing. I did direct sales and the customers loved the taste.

Great stock for farms focused on grass fed genetics. Some genetics from Australia and New Zealand for grass base dairy and finishing. Electric wire trained. Rotational grazed. 20 total head - 8 cows, 7 2016 calves, and 4 2015 bred heifers, 1 2014 bull.
$21,995 asking price for the whole herd. Discounted to sell quickly.