For Sale: 2 Jersey Open Heifers

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Levon Sargent
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Henagar, AL 35978
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LNL MiniFarm - selling small livestock for small homesteads. We have several miniature jersey x zebu calves for sale at this time. This cross is heat tolerant, disease and parasite resistant. They are very hardy little cows. Their milk production is less than that of a pure bred miniature jersey, but is enough for most families. The reduced milk production also lessens the possibility of milk fever or mastitis. These are great little animals for beginning farmers. Miniature stock has its advantages. They can be raised with less land, lighter equipment and lower inputs. Bull calves start at $750 and heifer calves start at $1650. We have two heifer calves that will be available as bottle babies at the end of June. These girls have a little color, are likely A1/A2 but could be A2/A2.

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