For Sale: 2 Jersey Cows

Listing #: 32125455
Joe Calvert
Phone Number: 
(501) 472-1361
Greenbrier, AR 72058
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Daisy (brown and white) was 6 yrs old in August/September. Bought her from a dairy at about 5 weeks and put her on the nurse cow we had at the time. We were told she is purebred Jersey, but don't have papers for her. She is very well halter broke and we've hand milked her 2-3 different freshenings for months at a time. With some work we can get her to take calves not her own. Right now she is a little thin because she has two 18 mo. steers still sucking on her, in spite of the fact that we weaned them for a month last spring. $1,100

Buttercup (black and white) was born about April of 2014. Bought her from a dairy as a baby and raised her on Daisy. She is registered Jersey, but has some Holstein blood. We have papers for her. (The papers say she is registered as "J2"). She is a really nice cow. We paid $800, choosing a really nice heifer because we thought at the time we might go the dairy or replacement heifer direction. Because we have so few cows, we have not had a bull since she was of breeding age. Halter broke. $1,600