For Sale: 2 Dexter Open Heifers

Listing #: 32127272
David Morgan
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Beavercreek, OR 97004
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Two registered Dexter heifers:

Hifalutin Myrtle Bell (ADCA 41877). Out of Hifalutin Ila (38407) by Brightlea Calum (31957), she is black, and carries both wild RED and DUN. In other words, if you like color in your herd, this is your girl. Born 5/1/2017, “Bell” is homozygous polled and A2/A2. Her parentage is verified (G5) and she does not carry Chondrodysplasia or PHA. Price: $1,800

Hifalutin Anna Victoria (ADCA 41876) is out of Hifalutin Adagio (35640) by Brightlea Calum (31957). Anna is red (e/E+) and carries dun (B/b). Born 5/15/2017, she is heterozygous polled and A2/A2. Anna does not carry Chondrodysplasia or PHA. Price: $1,800

They are available at weaning in October and can be held with a 25% deposit. Included: Transfer of registration and CVI. They will also be trained to lead.

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