For Sale: 2 Belted Galloway Cow/Calf Pairs

Listing #: 32126917
Isaiah Jones
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Prophetstown, IL 61277
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I have 1 cow with a calf (not sure if bull or heifer) born on 6/18/17. The cow is 4 years old and calved for the first time last year (wasn't bred till she was 2). She has been an excellent mother and hasn't had any issues calving or otherwise. I have rotational grazed her, so she is trained to a single electric polywire. Only reason for selling is I am decreasing my herd size. Asking $2000. She will be back in with a bull in a few weeks, in which case the price will be $2200 (assuming she is bred). Call/text 563-370-5891 or email Thank you.