For Sale: 2 Angus Bulls

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Brandon Radloff
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Nampa, ID 83651
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Selling (2) Registered Angus bulls. They are pure bred Angus yearling virgin bulls and the products of the Select Sires bull SydGen Mandate 6079 (Reg. # AAA 15337433). These bulls are both from a closed herd, have great bloodlines, and are bred to be excellent calving ease bulls to fit any operation. Both have nice flat toplines, good feet, and are docile. There dams were both good mothers, good milkers and docile cows. Either one of these bulls is sure to increase your genetics in your herd
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NOTE: the first two pictures are Radloff CC Rex 1069, the next two are Radloff CC Bubba 1071 and the last image is there sires EPD information.

Please call Brandon 208-936-8384
Asking $3250/bull

Radloff CC Rex 1069
Reg. # AAA 17881525
DOB: 2/20/2014
BW: 80 lbs
WW: 590 lbs
YW: 849 lbs
SC: 34 cm

Radloff CC Bubba 1071
Reg. # AAA 17868682
DOB: 3/3/2014
BW: 75 lbs
WW: 535 lbs
YW: 838 lbs
SC: 34