For Sale: 166 Angus Bred Heifers

Listing #: 32127090
Tell Wollert
Phone Number: 
Wiley, CO 81092
Number of Head: 

I am selling the following bred heifers in groups or as a whole; price negotiable.
*123 hd Black Angus are priced @ $1,850.00/hd 
*43 hd Red Angus are priced @ $2,100.00/hd

All heifers ~ 1,000-1,100lbs 
Heifers are guaranteed bred & will begin calving mid-February.

Bulls were turned out on 5/9/17. Black Angus heifers are bred to Express Ranches bulls of the following bloodlines: Final Solution, Final Answer, Final Product and Upshot. The Red Angus heifers are bred to a red bull from the Dinero bloodline.
Heifers will be preg-checked in September and treated with Scour-Guard.

All head have been vaccinated & are pastured on grass. They will be ready for delivery between October-November. This can be negotiated.

Please contact Tell Wollert by phone: (719) 688 2127 or by e-mail:
More photos and videos available.