For Sale: 12 Hereford Cross, Salers Open Heifers

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Justiss Ranch Sheila Justiss
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Omaha, TX 75571
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These are homegrown heifers resulting from 80 yrs of constantly improving on our family ranch.

---Our father began a Reg. Polled Hereford herd in 1936 and added Reg Saler herd in 1980's. Our commercial herd consists of a cross of these two breeds and it is producing excellent calves with high av daily gains. The cross sells very well at our local sale barn.---

--For sale now are 12 Replacement Heifers: Hereford/Saler ---

1. 206B-----10/02/14-- Reg Saler
2. 2138-----10/15/14
3. 2137-----11/07/14
4. 2140 (W/122T)---11/07/14
5. 2133------11/21/14
7. 2200------01/24/15
8. 2182------01/29/15
9. 2201------01/31/15
10. 2168------02/03/15
11. SOLD
12. 2202------04/10/15
13. 2090------03/05/14
14. 2111------03/29/14

We have been crossing Saler with our Polled Herefords since the 1980's and have been very successful with the results.

If you are not familiar with the Saler breed, here is some information:

High Performance Salers ("Sa-Lair") cattle are recognized for their CALVING EASE, CARCASS QUALITY, LOW BIR