For Sale: 12 Angus F1, Devon Cow/Calf Pairs

Listing #: 32125517
Jenny Sabo
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Harrison, MT 59735
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HERD PACKAGE: 5 Devon/Angus pairs, 3/4 Devon Heifer, 7/8 Devon yearling bull

Excellent thrifty, docile Grassfed genetics, for small or large operations. No hormones, no antibiotics, no grains, vaccinated for Brucellosis and ViraShield 6. Developed for mothering, docility, efficiency in a high elevation, range-based system. Steers finish within 18-24 months on forage/hay only. Gourmet grassfed beef is the hallmark of Red Devons worldwide.

Registered Red Devon bulls sired these commercial red and black mother cows(750-900 lbs), calves-3/4 Devon. A 7/8 Red Devon bull is part of the herd package. Devons are fertile, docile, and cover country easily. Many herds from Mexico to Australia find that one bull can cover 50 cows in a season.

Rotational grazed, electric fence trained, familiar with herding dogs and horse and human herders. Easy to load and transport. Raised at 5000’ elevation. Our Devons thrive from northern Alberta to New Mexico. April/May 2017 calves.

Name: Jenny Sabo
Phone: 406-451-6900
Location: Harrison, MT 597