For Sale: 115 Beefalo Feeders

Listing #: 32116364
Alvin and Cheryl Mathern
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Newell, SD 57760
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Have 115 head of weaned feeder calves for sale. They were weaned on September 24, 2015. These are all Hereford, red angus cross calves with a few black, black white faces and a few charolais crosses. They were vaccinated in June with Covexin 8 and given injectable dectomax then and all steers were banded. No implants EVER. The calves were worked again on October 16 and given Ultrabac 8 and Virashield 6+somnus and injected again with Dectomax. Only one calf was ever given antibiotics to. They are bunk broke and eating ground hay and oat silage and always have free choice Cargill mineral and cobalt loose salt available.

They are ranging in size from 450 to 650lbs. Asking $2.40 lb. We don't sell garbage. Very nice set of calves.