For Sale: 10 Beefmaster Cows

Listing #: 32127575
Mark Chapman
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Hico, TX 76457
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Registered Beefmaster Cows

Cattle originated from Casey Beefmasters and have maintained a closed herd. Single branded cows. All are broke to hot wire.
Ship from: Milford, Texas
10 head
Breed: Registered Beefmaster
Age: 3-9 (6) head are 3 year old. (4) head are from 5-9 years old
Est. Weight: Cows 1000-1200 lbs
Frame: Medium to Large
Condition: Good
Vaccinations: 8 way, OCV, wormed march 1st
Horns: Dehorned
Bred to: reg. Beefmaster bulls. Preg checked.
Pasture/Feed: Grass and grain.
Delivery Date: Available now
Sell Part/All: All
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