For Sale: 1 Scottish Highlander Cow/Calf Pairs

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Heidi Howell
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Brewster, MA 02631-2874
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I have a 4 year old Jersey cow who gives about 40-50 lbs of milk per day. She's had 3 calves with the same Scottish Highland bull. Her first calf was slaughtered this summer and the meat is fantastic. She's never had a problem with calving. She is halter broke and has horns. She's been sharing a corral with horses, a donkey and 2 pigs and has never poked anyone with her horns. You cannot hand milk her. She's had a low-grade mastitis so I've given up on milking with the machine. Her calf drinks off of her and does not get sick. She's perfect to breed and put 2 or 3 calves on because she gives so much milk. Together they make a perfect family for someone starting out as a beef farmer, because those 2 breeds are known for having some of the tastiest beef (sorry, Angus fans), and the cow, calf and bull are all proven producers and are also very docile. I do not own the bull, but his owner is selling him so I thought I'd include him here, too. If you want to buy the cow and calf without the bull, that's fine, too.