For Sale: 1 Beefmaster Bulls

Listing #: 32126970
Mark Chapman
Phone Number: 
Hico, TX 76457
Number of Head: 

Registered Casey Beefmaster Herd Sire bull for sale. Gentle disposition. Sires dark red calves. Keeping heifers out of him and he must go.
Ship from: Hamilton, Texas
# for sale 1 head
Breed: Beefmaster
Age: 5 years old
Est. Weight:
Frame: Large
Condition: Good
Vaccinations: Covexin 8 , lepto wormed
Horns: dehorned
Pasture/Feed: Grass and mineral
Delivery Date: available
Fertility /Trich Test: will guaranty at time of sale
Price: $3500
Payment: Wire or cash
Owner: Evan’s Ranch
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