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Updated: 10 hours 45 min ago

Ninth Circuit Upholds Major Components of Idaho "Ag-Gag" Law

Last week, many news outlets ran with the “ag-gag gets gagged” headline in describing the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Animal Legal Defense Fund v. Wasden, which scrutinized a bevy of animal rights activists’ First Amendment claims against Idaho’s Interference with Agricultural Production law, colloquially/derisively known as an “ag gag” law. While it is true that the Ninth Circuit panel struck down major provisions, the decision also leaves enough of Idaho’s law intact to provide farmers and ra

Grains ahead of Fridays USDA report

What to expect from Fridays USDA report.

Cattle Find Support (1.9.18)

cattle test the bottom of the rang and find support

Spying Cow Flatulence From Space May Predict the Price of Steak


Bluefield Technologies plans to use methane-sensing satellites.

Corn Finds Support

Corn futures find support from contract lows.

Funds Rolled & Sold Cattle

Funds have started to roll out of front month futures.

Grains Under Pressure Ahead of USDA Report

The USD is firming and grains are feeling the pain

Grain Express Weekend Edition

What last weeks grain trade could mean for this week.

Livestock Roundup Weekend Edition

Cattle futures turned hard Thursday afternoon and never looked back.

10 Things To Watch in 2018

Ushering in the New Year provides both an opportunity to reflect on the past and look ahead to the coming year. 2017 has certainly been a challenging year in the ag community. A worldwide glut of commodities and favorable weather conditions has a number of operators simultaneously experiencing record harvests but grappling with the difficult choice of whether to sell out or face another year of lackluster prices. There doesn’t appear to be a silver bullet to solve the downturn, but hopefully

Grain Export Sales Data

Export sales came in below expectations across the board.

Cattle Reverse Hard

Cattle futures stalled against our resistance pocket and t hat led to long liquidation.

2 Minute Drill (Livestock 1/4/18)

Cattle futures came off hard at the end of today.

In Nigeria, Farming Needs and Rewards Creative Agripreneurs

I have big ambitions for myself, but even bigger ones for my country and my continent.

Trade The Market You Have Not The One You Want

Corn and wheat have stalled against technical resistance.

Cattle Hitting Resistance

Front month cattle futures were slightly lower today after failing to breakout.

Wheat Seasonal Starts Today

Grains are trading higher at the break but we will want to see volume confirm price action on the floor open.

A New Commodity Boom Doesn't Mean Ecological Doom


The world's renewed appetite for natural riches once again tests Latin America.

Cattle Start 2018 With a Bang!

Cattle futures ended the day near the highs, can we see continued momentum?

U.S. Cold Blast Threatens Winter Wheat, Cattle


Temperatures seen 15 to 25 degrees below normal, NWS says.