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Updated: 7 hours 27 min ago

Will corn ever break out of its range?

Corn has been trading sideways for the better part of the last two months. Will this weeks USDA report be enough to open the doors for a breakout or breakdown?

Is the soybean rally over? (Video)

Soybeans saw profit taking on Friday; what does that mean for next weeks trade?

Has wheat found a bottom?

Wheat saw its first positive day in what seems like a life time. Do fundamentals support an extended rally?

Livestock Roundup: What goes up must come down?

Cattle futures have made contract highs for four consecutive days, is this THE top or a top?

Tackling Water, Resource Conservation With Modern Agriculture

As I sat in a board room in Minneapolis, I used a break in my meeting to check the moisture of the soil on my farm in New Zealand. I didn’t walk into a field and dig a hole or stick a meter into the dirt. Instead, I pulled out my phone, looked at its screen, and saw what my sensors were saying.

Has corn found a bottom? (11.2.17)

The bottom is a process not a point, where is corn in that process?

Livestock Roundup and closing grain comments (11.1.17)

Cattle futures continued to soar while we saw long liquidation in December lean hogs. What's next for the meat markets in the back half of the week?

Blue Line Express (Morning Grains 11.1.17)

Soybeans are starting to look a lot like corn as the continue to consolidate sideways along technical support. Is this setting up for a directional move soon?

Livestock Roundup & Morning interview with RFD-TV 10.31.17

Livestock markets continue to soar with live cattle, feeder cattle, and lean hogs all making contract highs. Is it too far too fast?

Meet Aubrey and Adam Bolender

Strong partnerships with co-op members and each other keep this couple’s farm evolving.

Blue Line Express (Morning Grains 10.31.17)

Corn has been a stick in the mud, but there looks to be near term opportunity in soybeans.

Blue Line Futures: Livestock Roundup

A late Friday cash trade had cattle futures soaring today, but is it sustainable?

Blue Line Express (Morning Grains)

With harvest getting closer to complete, attention will start to turn towards South American production as the market looks for a catalyst for the next directional move.

What's next for the grain markets?

With harvest rolling forward, what's next for grain prices? These are a few of the technicals and fundamentals to keep an eye on this week.

Blue Line Express: Morning Grains 10.27.17

What does Novembers option expiration mean for today's grain trade?

Grain Market "2 Minute Drill" (Video) and Livestock Roundup 10.26.17

Cattle futures continued higher and are at or near all contracct highs for nearly all contracts. Will we see profit taking into the weekend?

Fighting in Italy for the Freedom to Farm

Powerful forces have lined up against sound science. I learned this the hard way when members of Greenpeace and other political agitators invaded my farm and destroyed my crops.

Are Cattle Prices Running Out of Steam? Views are Mixed


As grain prices remain fairly stagnant, momentum is gaining in the cattle complex. Cattle futures at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) are on fire this week after hitting contract highs. It’s the livestock sector carrying agriculture’s balance sheet the latter half of 2017 -  a trend that could continue to wrap up the year.

Blue Line Express (Morning Grains 10.26.17)

Export sales came in strong across the board, but will it be enough to elevate prices as we round out the week? November options expiration could keep the markets in check for the next two sessions.

Grain Market Rundown (Video) and Livestock Roundup 10.25.17

Volatility often times invites more volatility so do not be surprised to see a wide and choppy cattle trade in the back half of the week.