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Updated: 6 hours 44 min ago

New Farm Journal Fund Doubles Your Donation for Wildfire Recovery


The ag community rallied around those impacted by the devastating March wildfires, but rebuilding will take years—and significant financial support. That’s why Farm Journal is proud to announce the Million Dollar Wildfire Relief Challenge, launching today, which enables you to help ranching families rebuild by doubling your donation.

Enjoy Your Fruits and Vegetables With Confidence

When the Environmental Working Group puts out its annual “Dirty Dozen” list, it misrepresents the basic facts of farming by peddling myths - and discourages Americans from eating healthy foods.

63 Indicted for Brazilian Meat, Bribery Scandal


Brazilian authorities have indicted 63 people for their role in a corruption scheme within Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture.

Profit Briefing: Bad News for Pork, Good News For Cattle


During the Pro Farmer Profit Briefing, Chip Flory and Brian Grete discuss the low lean hog and cash lean hog index and the contract highs in the futures cash market in cattle. 

Jury Resumes Deliberations in Bundy Ranch Standoff Trial


Jury resumes deliberations in Bundy ranch standoff trial

Slow Start to U.S. Corn Planting May Lead to Tug-of-War with Soy


U.S. farmers are off to a slow start on corn plantings and even though it is still very early in the 2017 season, the numbers may already imply that total corn acres could be less than the 89.996 million that the market currently expects.

Last Stand: Nebraska Farmers Could Derail Keystone XL Pipeline


When President Donald Trump handed TransCanada Pipeline Co. a permit for its Keystone XL pipeline last month, he said the company could now build the long-delayed and divisive project "with efficiency and with speed." But Trump and the firm will have to get through Nebraska farmer Art Tanderup first, along with about 90 other landowners in the path of the pipeline.

EPA Denies Plans to Close Chicago Office


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials on Tuesday denied reports the agency will close the office in Chicago that oversees regional environmental protection efforts including the Flint, Michigan drinking water clean-up and Great Lakes restoration.


Mizzou Economist: Beef Prices Will Retreat From Last Few Weeks


Cattle prices have continued to surprise the markets, but have prices seen their peak?

Iowa Family Farmers say Budget Cuts Would be Devastating


Iowa farmers asked Republican lawmakers Monday to reconsider plans to eliminate an agriculture research center they say is vital to the state's largest industry.

Bovine TB Identified in Small Michigan Beef Cattle Herd


Bovine tuberculosis has been found in a small herd of beef cattle in Michigan's northeastern Lower Peninsula.

Idaho Conservation Group Files Complaint Against Waste Pit


An Idaho conservation group has filed a complaint to several state agencies asking officials to inspect a wastewater pit used by a Nampa cheese-making plant.

Coyote-killing Devices Still OK in Wyoming


There is no discussion in Wyoming about banning a device designed to kill coyotes by spraying cyanide when triggered, a state official said.

Parts of 5 Michigan Counties See Bovine Tuberculosis Risk


State officials have designated parts of five Michigan counties as a "potential high risk area" for bovine tuberculosis.

Carnivores Rejoice: Steaks and Burgers Cheap for Grilling


Gains for meat demand prompt bullish bets on cattle futures.


China, U.S. Beef Relations Improving, Focus Turns To Export Protocols


It’s been 13 years since China closed its doors to U.S. beef, and that may change soon if the meeting between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping is any indication of a relationship change.

Kansas Family Faces Fear Amid Wildfire


The Grisby family near Ashland, Kan. continue to handle the aftermath of last month's Starbuck Fire.

Develop a Performance Management Mindset


Research from experts at Purdue University can help you learn to better manage employees within your business.

Meat of the Matter: Soy’s Sad Story


I’m still waiting for the media to explode in outrage over a recall of E. coli O157:H7-tainted food products. Want to know why it hasn’t happened? Because people got sick on soy, not steak.