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Updated: 7 hours 27 min ago

Has Wheat Bottomed?

Wheat has come off of yesterdays lows nicely, but is this just short covering?

Are Cattle Set to Breakout?

Cattle futures managed to firm up in the afternoon and are again testing resistance.

11.28.17 Closing Comments: Grain Markets

Grains were softer on the day but beans and wheat were off of the lows.

Grains: Attention Turns to South America

With harvest nearly complete here in the states, attention turns to South American weather.

Cattle Futures Firm

Cattle markets firmed on the first trading day of the week, can the market see follow through as we round out the month?

Morning Interview with RFD-TV

These are some of the things we are looking at as we start the trading week

Can Soybeans Breakout?

Soybeans have worked their way back to technical resistance, this may be an opportunity for producers to add protection.

Livestock Roundup: Cattle & Lean Hogs

The livestock complex saw choppy trade last week with Thanksgiving, these are some of the things we are looking for in the week ahead.

Weekend Update: Corn, Soybeans, Wheat

What's next for the grain markets after December option expiration?

Option Expiration for Grains

Option expiration has been a catalyst for higher prices over the last week.

Thanksgiving Update: Grains & Cattle

Grains and cattle finished the Wednesday session on a high note, can that momentum continue into Friday?

We Must Not Take NAFTAs Blessings For Granted

Right now, folks are scared about what's going on with the trade agreement. And if you’re not, you should be.

Grains continue their rally

Grains continue higher into option expiration.

Cattle back into a range

Cattle markets stabilized on Tuesday and could continue to consolidate into the Thanksgiving Day break.

Russia Bans Pork & Beef from Brazil


Russia banned pork from Brazil at a time that imports from the Latin American country, the biggest foreign supplier of the meat, have been rising

Corn set to continue its rally

Although it is a holiday week, we feel there is more near term support in the corn market.

Cattle under pressure

Cattle were under pressure to start the week following Fridays bearish Cattle on Feed report. What's next for them in a shortened holiday week?

Ag Market Update

This is a clip from this mornings interview with RFD-TV

Reasons For The Strong Cattle Market


The cattle herd in the U.S. is growing, and cash prices for fed and feeder cattle have exceeded expectations this fall as live and feeder cattle futures reached a new contract high to start November.

Can corn rally this week?

December option expiration could offer some support to the grain markets.