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Updated: 6 hours 42 min ago

Packing Problems Down the Road for Cattle Producers


The Cattle Industry Convention has wrapped up another year of sharpening its focus on 2017. 

Fed Cattle Exchange Aims To Create Transparency In Market


Volatile cattle markets have impacted the industry over the past year. To help the situation, industry leaders have tried to shorten the trading hours and address high frequency trading. A group of cattle operators are doing business a different way in an open cash market with an online live auction. 

Deal Allows Yellowstone Bison Slaughter


A deal disclosed Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017, will allow the mass slaughter of hundreds of wild bison migrating from Yellowstone National Park, while sparing 25 animals that American Indian tribes want to start new herds. 

Cargill at Odds With Trump as It Warns on Immigration, Trade


‘We cannot wall ourselves off’ from the other 96% of world.

Mars: "Miscommunication" Led to Skittles Spill


Mars says a miscommunication with a subcontractor led to a defective batch of its Skittles, reportedly on their way to becoming cattle feed, ending up scattered across a highway.

Cattle Industry 'Very Concerned' by Trump Pledge on NAFTA


Good access to export markets needed to avoid beef oversupply.

Feedlot Placements Jump in December


Strong feedlot demand for feeder cattle helps explain the strong feeder price rally at the end of 2016. 

Pro Farmer: Cattle Market Facing Hurdles


The cattle industry is buzzing in Nashville this week, and Pro Farmer couldn’t help but to join the conversation about prices.

Leaders Talk Health of Beef Industry At Cattle Convention


The annual Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show was held Feb. 1-3 in Nashville, Tenn. Industry leaders talk about the health of the overall beef industry.

Freezing Cows Die from Fescue Foot; No Known Cure, but Prevention Work


Reports of "fescue foot" causing loss of cows are coming in, says Craig Roberts, University of Missouri Extension forage specialist.


Monday Market Sentiment: Choice Boxed Beef Prices Rise


After beef prices saw an upward movement in the month of November, prices continued to climb in December.

4 Court Cases to Watch in Agriculture


The Utah Prairie Dog's listing under the Endangered Species Act is being challenged by a landowner. It is just one of a number of court cases that could affect agriculture in 2017.

Latest Cattle on Feed Report Bearish


The U.S. Department of Agriculture also reported a record amount of beef in freezers or cold storage last week.

Winter Doldrums Hang Over Female Markets


While both fed and feeder cattle markets posted strong rallies into the new year, female markets were mixed.

Lady of Leadership


Terri Barber steers the American Hereford Association forward.

Chasing a Cow with a Drone? Utah Bill Would Put You in Jail


A Utah law proposal would make it illegal to harrass livestock with a drone, and animal rights activists don't like it.

Needed: Strong Trade Agreements With Predictable Allies

A wise old farmer once passed along this bit of wisdom to me: Don’t ever let yourself become convinced of anything. Let the market tell you what to do—and if it tells you to change, make sure you’re listening.

Is Beef Expansion Over After Slow Growth on Cattle Inventory Report?


The cattle industry is gathering in Nashville for its annual National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) convention, discussing issues like trade and Washington policy as the new administration is already hard at work.