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Updated: 9 hours 5 min ago

Yellowstone Wants Brucellosis Quarantine Facility for Bison


Yellowstone National Park is taking steps toward turning part of its bison trap at the northern edge of the park into a certified brucellosis quarantine facility.

Harvesting and Handling High-quality Baleage


Baleage can provide a high-quality fermented forage, but careful attention to management is needed to produce a consistent, uniform feed. 

Emergency Grazing Opened in Drought Impacted Northern Plains


Emergency grazing on Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands by  Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue for producers in South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana impacted by drought.  

Don't Drink The COOL-Aid


Mandatory Country Of Origin Labeling (COOL) is back in the news. Dropped after WTO rulings and predictions of financial losses, the controversial labeling issue has resurfaced in a lawsuit against the USDA. 

Trump Pledges Rural Broadband Support in Infrastructure Package


President praises farmers, vows to ‘rebuild rural America’

USDA Halts Beef Imports from Brazil


Imports of fresh Brazilian beef have been suspended by USDA over safety concerns.

North Dakota Drought Worrying Crop and Livestock Producers


North Dakota drought worrying crop and livestock producers

Lawsuit Seeks Reassessment of Predator Control Program


Environmental groups have filed a lawsuit demanding federal wildlife officials reassess their practice of killing coyotes, bobcats, fox and other animals in Northern California.

Trade as a Pathway to Cuba Libre

Cubans import about $2 billion in food each year, but in 2016 they purchased only $200 million from Americans—a tiny amount given the productivity of our farms and the proximity of our ports.

Producers in the Dakotas Continue Liquidation Due to Drought


Already short on hay and forage after a hard winter, ranchers in North and South Dakota are continuing to reduce herds in response to severe drought conditions.

India Is About to Upend the Global Beef Trade


A recent ban on the sale of cattle for slaughter will limit access to growing markets.

Brazilian Meatpacker JBS Unveils $1.8 Billion Divestment Plan


Brazilian meatpacker JBS SA revealed a $1.8 billion divestment plan on Tuesday, putting dairy, poultry and cattle feeding assets on the block to cut debt after a corruption scandal raised concerns about its financing costs.

'I Need More Mexicans': A Kansas Farmer's Message to Trump


Growers and dairies lobby for a path to legalization for the undocumented workers who power their businesses.

Perdue Lauds NAFTA as Boon for Farmers as Renegotiation Looms


USDA chief says NAFTA benefits farmers but adjustments needed.

Failing to Plan for Drought is Planning to Fail


Due to dry conditions, livestock producers should expect to see a reduction in grazeable forage. Drought management plans will be vital if the drought continues into the growing season.

10-Foot Alligator Roped, Wrangled off East Texas Ranch


An East Texas lassoed a 10-foot alligator and wranglers crawled atop the massive reptile's back after it got too close to the landowner's cattle.

6 Arrested in Separate Florida Cattle Thefts; 8 Cows Missing


Six men have been charged in two separate cattle thefts at a Florida pasture, and authorities are trying to find eight missing cows.

PETA and HSUS End the Week In Crosshairs


Livestock producers often find themselves the target for Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), but this week marked two instances where these organizations were the ones in the crosshairs instead.

Made in the Shade: Research Focuses on Combining Forestry and Forage


Silvopasture – the practice of combining forestry with forage and livestock production – is rare in North America, but the practice could bring both economic and environmental benefits on marginal lands where traditional row cropping hasn’t worked.

How To Develop A Long-Term Business Plan

Short-term thinking is only part of the solution. Farming demands long-term financial planning.