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Updated: 27 min 25 sec ago

Mexico Warns U.S. It'll Cut Off NAFTA Talks If Tariffs Proposed


Mexico’s top trade negotiator doubled down on threats to break off talks to rework Nafta.

Midwest, Wyoming Lawmakers Target Wolf Protections Again


Pressure is building in Congress to take gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region and Wyoming off the endangered list, which would allow farmers to kill the animals if they threaten livestock.

Tomi Lahren's "Alternative Facts" on COOL


Conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren is speaking out about Country-of-Origin-Labeling again.

Farm Bill a Needed Safety Net in Down Cycle


A panel of farmers stressed in importance of crop insurance, trade, conservation and other programs during a recent Senate hearing.

Farm Bill a Needed Safety Net in Down Cycle


A panel of farmers stressed in importance of crop insurance, trade, conservation and other programs during a recent Senate hearing.

Make America Great Again with Agriculture Exports


Agriculture industry hopes Trump administration doesn’t forget about exports when making America great.

Improved Infrastructure is a Competitive Advantage

Infrastructure is the secret weapon of the American farmer: We may not think about it very much, but our roads, rails, and rivers keep us competitive.

Bull That Led New York Police on Chase After Slaughterhouse Escape Die


A bull that apparently escaped from a slaughterhouse has led police on a wild chase through New York City streets.

Push to Reduce Property Taxes Gains New Support in Nebraska


A proposal in Nebraska is seeking to reduce property taxes.

Iowa, Nebraska Echo National Decline in Number of Farms


The U.S. Department of Agriculture says there were 500 fewer farms in Iowa last year and the average farm size rose slightly but the amount of total land in farms remained at 30.5 million acres.

How Canada Cut Foreign Workers and Hobbled Its Meat Industry


A lesson for Trump on consequences of America-first measures?


Crop Insurance Planning in Five Steps

Follow these five steps with your team to help you secure the right amount of coverage to position your business for success, no matter what 2017 brings.

USDA Reposts Some Animal Welfare Records After Criticism


The federal Department of Agriculture has reposted inspection reports on certain animal testing labs on its website after a decision two weeks ago to remove a large online database of animal welfare records prompted complaints.

Number of Minnesota Farms Dips by 300 to 73,300 in 2016


Minnesota has slightly fewer farms than a year ago but the ones that remain tend to be getting larger, following national trends.

A Snapshot of How 5 Premium Proteins are Raised


Discriminating diners may willingly shell out for premium product, but it’s always nice to know what, exactly, you’re paying for. Here’s a peek behind the scenes at what goes into raising the animals that are destined to become some of the most luxurious ingredients in the world.

Trump's Contempt for Trade Deals Spurs Anxiety: What's Next?


Donald Trump is moving quickly to dismantle seven decades of American policy built on trade deals and multinational alliances that help fuel the U.S. and global economies.

Let’s Keep NAFTA Alive

Altering NAFTA puts everything at risk—but a re-negotiation also presents the chance to make a good agreement better.

Farmers May See Little Effect as FDA Implements Ban on Antibiotics


The Food and Drug Administration rule change – the veterinary feed directive – prohibits farmers from including medically important antibiotics in livestock feed without veterinary oversight.

HSUS Attacks Antibiotic Use in Animals, HumaneWatch Has a Response


HumaneWatch challenges the Humane Society of the United States on its message of misinformation regarding antibiotics resistance in livestock.